I have been in the general staff .5 role of Multimedia Coordinator in the Office of Marketing and Communications since 2015, following a period of 9 years teaching visual storytelling, production and post production.

Videograph footage developed to stream on the UNDA website:

Our approach at Notre Dame:

“Integrating authenticity and storytelling into the social media strategy to bring value to the audience

◦ Using an authentic and transparent online voice across platforms

◦ Producing authentic content that inspires conversation and encourages engagement

◦ Strategies for creating an immerse digital experience that tells a story”

2018 Open Day Campaign – I did principal photography for the ‘Girl and the Books’ billboard, bus and print ad campaign.



Following our goals for an authentic outcome,  we like to film students being interviewed by students.. the art of brinksmanship, but it pays off in spades.