Early days

When I was choosing something to do at uni, the school results combined with my interests suggested either geology, or photography.  My brother had studied photography, so I did geology.  (However I’d played guitar since I was 13).  So I graduated in geology Leicester Uni in England late 70’s, then got a job in Ireland exploring for minerals, and also played kicked off a bit of a thing about Irish music, which I still have.  I spent 2 years in Ireland, which was lovely and I miss those days greatly.  Geology brought me to Australia in the early 80’s.


I never really felt comfortable with the politics of geology in the real world, (love the subject but not the applying of), and I started a blended career of contract geology and music, bringing video production into the mix in the 90’s.  A few of my bands got reasonably popular, and I ended up doing quite a bit of touring around Au and UK,  and all in all had a good run. My main band was Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, about 93 to 2000.  A claim to fame of SNACS was singing the Fremantle Dockers theme song (although some aren’t impressed).  Through the SNACS I met The Chipolatas, and still manage their Au tours.  Jasper King, founding juggler of the Chipolatas, sadly passed away in April 2015.


I was always interested in film, and did a graduate dip in video production at Edith Cowan Uni in WA.  I did contract commercial video production in the mining area, some in the music area, and then gave up the geology and did a 10 year stint teaching all aspects of visual storytelling at University of Notre Dame Fremantle riding the digital revolution from the original Final Cut Pro to the present.


Now I work .5 for the marketing department at Uni of Notre Dame Fremantle actually doing video production, and also do external work mainly in the area of aboriginal engagement or community projects that need support.

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Sensitive New Age Cowpersons at Sidmouth Folk Festival UK. We started this band in 1993. Our first step out was at the ‘ID Club’ at the National Hotel in Fremantle, then we got booked for the National Folk Festival in Canberra in 1994. We toured to festivals around Australia and UK for years. Lineup left to right: myself, Ian Simpson, Jim Fisher, Fred Kuhnl.

Celebration of the life of Jasper King from the Chipolatas click hereScreen Shot 2017-08-09 at 5.51.14 am