Control the content of your own edit

If your video interview project needs to conform to strict content and ethical guidelines but also have a public web video outcome, then you have a big problem that I am very familiar with.  I have developed a way of managing projects using transcripts at 5s intervals transferred to an excel workbook, where each individual interview is on a different worksheet within the workbook.  This enables stakeholders to have a window into the content and be able to make their own edit choices by marking up the worksheets.  I call this a ’roundtrip’ workflow, as it goes from Adobe Premiere sequence to excel transcription to reworking in excel (‘paper edit’ ) then transferring the excel edit back to Premiere video sequences for final assembly.

  • Data asset management, transcription of interviews from Premiere sequence to excel at 5s timecoded intervals, compilation of interview sets to excel workbooks
  • Distribution of transcription workbooks to stakeholders for colour coded transcript markup of their editing choices
  • Round-trip transfer (via timecode) of marked up excel paper edits to real video draft edits
  • Further editing adjustments to client satisfaction completion reflecting stakeholder feedback

These techniques are equally applicable in non-research related video production projects that require a need to demonstrate the editing decision trail, for example projects which convey precise and detailed information.  It gives a ‘paper trail’ to all concerned in the project to transparently demonstrate that the editing process is  considered and appropriate.

Examples of projects I have produced in this way:

University of Notre Dame  Australia Research Office –  A series of interviews with UNDA researchers involved in Collaborative Research Network projects  in Fremantle, Sydney and Broome  in collaboration with Dr Mignon Shardlow.  Client representative: Dr Bahareh Badrian/Dr Marc Fellman

Nulungu Research Institute –  Post production of a series of research video interviews at universities across Australia Client representative: Steve Kinnane

University of Notre Dame 25th Anniversary video – in collaboration with Dr Mignon Shardlow

Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre WA



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