• Shooting with story and editing in mind, very good at handheld, using ‘double system’ to record audio and sync in Post using pluraleyes software
  • Shooting interview and discussion based projects multicam and multi wireless mic
  • Osmo shooting for art shots, either handheld or using bike, car or dolly for smooth movement

Post production

  • Editing of multicam projects, syncing using Pluraleyes, very good and quick at cutting to story and cutting to music, good aesthetic instinct about the use (or not) of music and pacing to enhance story, and cutting to the beat
  • Transcribing interviews, transferring to Excel, distributing transcription workbooks to stakeholders, training stakeholders how to ‘paper edit’ in excel, transferring paper edits back to video output, quick turnaround of complex projects
  • Project management of research projects using video interview capture using the above roundtrip transcription workflow (see page ‘Research Interview Solutions’)